PODCAST: This Victoria Man Helped Launch The Beatles (and undressed Captain Kirk!)

 We go to a luncheon once a month at the Gorge Vale Golf Club with a group of retired broadcasters, TV personalities and record executives. In the room is a whose who of some amazing pioneers that were there at the beginning of a lot of incredible careers. On each side of us are Radio Luxembourg veterans from the 50’s and 60’s, pirate radio DJ’s and a TV exec that helped launch the careers of everyone from the Dave Clarke Five, Tom Jones and the Beatles. His name is Mal Thomspon. He lives a simple life now with his wife in Saanich but the people that he’s met and the stars that he’s helped become household names is staggering. Listen to our chat with Mal and hear his tale of the first time the Beatles all piled into his office. They really were a group of”cheeky chaps”. Also find out about the day he undressed Captain Kirk!

A couple of events to tell you about too. Make sure that TODAY Sept 19 you fill up at a Penninsula Co-Op Gas station for “Fuel Good Day” because 5 cents of every litre goes to Children’s Health Foundation of Vancouver Island. Also, we’d like to invite you for a night of country music at the Fairfield United Church on Friday Sept 22. We are MC’ing the 10 anniversary performance of James Kasper’s “Old Fashioned Way” Check out the details HERE.


Michael Forbes

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