For the first time in 50 years the North Hollywood home that housed the Brady’s is for sale! Other properties in the neighbourhood average about $1.3 million but you’re going to pay if you want the second most photographed house in America. (1st White House, 2nd Brady Bunch House, 3rd Graceland) It’s on the market for $1.885 which is what you would pay for some modest homes in Oak Bay! With the exhange rate you are actually looking at almost $2.5 million Loonies. If you are looking for a home over a million why not check out this one!  Or maybe  this one!

Fun Fact: The interior of this home is VERY 70’s but looks nothing like the TV show. That’s because it was filmed on a Hollywood sound stage. The creator of the Brady Bunch chose this house as the exterior for the show because he thought it looked like the kind of house an architect would live in. It would be cool to own a piece of history but not sure we’d be able to handle the throngs looky loos each year checking out the property and snapping pictures. You’ll notice the owners put up an iron and brick wall to keep people from walking over their lawn. (which they did..a lot)

As realtors though we’d LOVE to have this listing. Imagine the fun we could have in our advertising! “To view, phone Forbes and….Marshall, Marshall, Marshall!”

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Michael Forbes

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