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Not saying we “discovered” the place in 2015 but we were probably the first media to get a tour of this tightly held secret hidden in a backyard somewhere in Vic West. They must have known they were on to something when our little “You Tube” video tour got a whopping ten thousand views! That pales in comparison to the millions of looks from fans they’ve since received. We decided to go back in and take inventory of what has changed in three years and how this shrine has become its own media sensation. This alter of hockeydom now has its own social media marketing guru in Jordie Oberg, it promotes hockey products, attends trade shows and boasts a Podcast called Cave Talk.

Despite all the hype, its true magic is the family behind it. Ken & Tiina Shaw have an almost Mary Winchester like drive to keep creating as if to keep the restless spirits of those who have ever played the game happy and at bay. Whatever is going on you can’t help but feel the reverence for anyone who has played or who loves our national game. To enter the hallowed halls of the Ultimate Hockey Fancave you just need two things. To wear your favorite jersey and bring a story. When it comes to hockey, most of us red blooded hosers have both.




Michael Forbes

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