HOME with Forbes & Marshall featuring Michael Reid & Pierre Gauthier

We love our town and the people in it. It’s always fun to catch up with really interesting people and find out what makes them tick. Shortly after we started our morning radio show in 1995 we invited Times Colonist movie reviewer Michael D. Reid to join us. For years he talked movies with us and his passion for them really came through. It turns out, in a way, his friend Pierre Gauthier, manager of the Odeon Theatre on Yates had something to do with it. We benefited from this relationship and saw a few private screenings of movies before they even opened to the public and enjoyed a few Oscar parties at Pags. Good times indeed.

Fast forward twenty plus years and here the four of us are back together. Even though we talk how movies brought them together, it’s the friendship of these two men we admire the most. Listen as we allow you to get to know these guys and find out why their love of films is so enduring and we must say….endearing.

If you too love movies and are intrigued by the thought of knowing what someone in your city thinks of them, forget Rotten Tomatoes and seek out Michael D. Reid on Instagram.


Michael Forbes

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