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This week with thought we’d catch up with our long time friend James St James. When we started doing the math we figured that we spent 5 days a week, every week for a decade with Jimmy Hollywood as part of our top rated radio show. The voice, sense of humour and vast knowledge of showbiz have never changed. After well over 30 years in show biz we ask him if he still ever gets ‘starstruck”? Also, we remember the time we flew him up to Victoria where he was the toast of the town! It been eight years since we last spoke and it felt like yesterday. As it is far too common in radio, you can disappear in an instant but we are sure glad we found him again. Thanks Jimmy!



We also touch on touch on the new disclosure rules handed down by the BC Real Estate Council to make you a better informed so Realtors can provide the best service. Check out one of the new forms we were talking about. Disclosure of Representation of Real Estate Services. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out and talk to us. Be forewarned, we might ask you to sign it!! (which is a good thing)




Michael Forbes


  1. Great to hear the 3 of you together again!

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