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We’ve come to know there are a lot of talented people quietly going about there business here in Victoria. We have lunch on a regular basis with a group of retired broadcast vets who have had such amazing lives and careers around the globe. From Europes “Radio Luxemberg” to pirate radio station pioneers who blazed a trail off the coast of England. One even helped launch the career of the Beatles. There are actors that make there home here and local authors like Majorie Celona, Bill Gaston and Valerie Green that either live here or are inspried by this city.

Valerie Green has been a writer ever since she can remember and has a new book of fiction coming out in December called Providence. This is a bit of a departure as she’s made a career out of writing non-fiction with a emphasis on local history. She a wrote a couple of books about Victoria called “If These Walls Could Talk” featuring heritage homes in YYJ and the stories that they can tell. Considering our show is called HOME we thought it was a nice fit. Add her latest coffee table book about Dumora, that Saanich heritage manor that has its share of  voices from the past and you’ve got a recipe for a great chat.

So perhaps it time to curl up with a nice Podcast and listen to our conversation with Valerie Green. If you you are interested in her works check this out. She also has some books for sale at local book stores. While you’re at it, have a look at what’s offered on AMAZON. 


Michael Forbes

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