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We (along with a lot of people) wondered who was behind the amazing driftwood sculptures that began popping up along the beach at Esquimalt Lagoon. He fessed up to it recently after happily remaining a mystery for a while. Artist Paul Lewis is a big fan of wildlife but his passion is for the birds!  Its started with one feathered friend created out of driftwood he collected along the beach and now its turned into …well lets just say, more than that.

The thing about art is that you don’t know what you’re missing until you see it, so instead of finding and wandering through a museum or art gallery, Paul’s exhibit is out where everyone can enjoy. As always though, when you expose something that you love to the world, you are bound to get your vandals and admirers. Thankfully, fans of his work covet and protect his creations and if damaged or destroyed he makes a new one. No one knows how long they will be there but a supportive City of Colwood has no plans to remove them anytime soon. If you haven’t seen this bevy of birds, then make a point of heading to the beach and enjoying while they last. They really are “flocking awesome”!



Oh ya, as a bonus this time we once again become stalkers. Pretty harmless endeavor as we “Trap” tourists and make them say nice things about Victoria before we let them go. Please enjoy another round of “Tourist Trap”


Michael Forbes

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