“HOME” PODCAST- Lisa’s Drive Thru Adventure!

Hey, you’re back! Thanks for visiting again and listening to the show. Programs about connecting with loved ones on the “other side” have been a fixture on TV and the internet for years now. Long Island Medium and Tyler Henry’s “Hollywood Medium” intrigue and amaze people everyday. Certainly, there are the skeptics but what if it were true? On this podcast, we talk to a local Victoria spiritual medium Debra Deorksen and her mission to give the whole world a hug. Everywhere there’s signs with Pat Thomas and “Life In The Pat Lane” and you’ll never believe happened to Lisa in the Tim Horton’s drive thru! ~ Michael and Lisa

Need a hug?? Join fellow “heart centered” people at the Mind, Body & Spirit Fair Sunday March 5th  from 11am-5pm at the Langford Legion on Station Ave. She has had a divine directive to set up an area for free hugs! She’d LOVE to give you one.
If you’d like to meet Debra for a group reading visit her website!



Michael Forbes


  1. Brenda McIsaac Says: March 4, 2017 at 1:13 am

    Wonderful show Michael and Lisa, I am in Prince George now so hearing you guys talk about the snow makes me smile but also sad because I went to Victoria in Dec and it was snowing and I am going to be back to the Island in mid March and now sort of thinking I should have chosen Mexico because your minus 1 due to the dampness is like our minus 15, but home is Victoria I can go to Mexico any time :). First time I experienced the pay it forward was at the Starbucks up here and it literally happens at least twice a month, and I love paying it forward also always end up driving away with a smile on my face; that being said $42.25 would give me a mild heart flutters. I think you guys should have your PodCast on Monday’s because we need to have something to look forward too being it’s Monday and who likes Monday’s. Love the hug philosophy of Debra’s human touch is a necessity in life.

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