HOME PODCAST! Jazzist Carol Sokoloff and we set a Tourist Trap! Oh Ya, Pat Thomas Too!

 This week we talked to Jazz singer Carol Sokoloff and played a cut off her CD. She is so creative! She took some time out of her busy life full of singing jazz, writing children’s books, teaching and winning awards to talk to us! Wait till we ask her what “HOME” means to her. She’s playing live at Herman’s July 31st.

Of course we always have to check in with Pat Thomas and “Life in The Pat Lane” He marvels at the lumberjacks of Beacon Hill Park!

We also resurrected a radio feature that we used to do called “Tourist Trap”… Armed only with a microphone, we head down to the Victoria’s inner harbour to stalk and then talk to all the amazing visitors to our beautiful city. This time around we get some Canadians and a nice family from the Big Apple. Foggett Abowdit!

BTW if you’d like to help out those who have been affected by this terrible wildfire season in BC you can donate here.


Michael Forbes

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