HOME with Forbes & Marshall: We Talk With Noah When He Was 8 AND 18!


Well its a family affair on this weeks show. That little beaver is Noah in grade two, we’ll go back in a time machine and talk with him in 2004… then we’ll beam back to today and ask the eighteen year old version what he thinks. Of course, Adam can’t be left out so he makes a brief stop too in mid voice change! Its always great to get out there, so we make a visit to OUR PLACE. What do you call someone from Saanich? Pat Thomas explores this on “Life In The Pat Lane”.

This is Dave. He’s cooked for thousands of our cities homeless. Listen to find out what keeps him inspired. He’ll also reveal how long it takes to crack 13 hundred eggs!!

















On a  serious note, our friend and former soccer team mate Nick Gill needs this communities help. A couple of weeks ago he lost control of his car and hit a tree which caused serious injuries. He’s been flown to Vancouver but things are so serious the future is uncertain. There’s a GO FUND ME page set up for his family as they try to be there for him and also take on the burden of travel costs back a forth to the mainland. Please help if you can. -Michael and Lisa


Michael Forbes


  1. Sounds great you guys. Now I have something to listen to at work.

  2. Margaret Goodwin Says: April 2, 2017 at 12:55 am

    I went to Vancouver General for an eye surgery & BC Ferries had a deal where you got your money back for – I think it was the cost of the vehicle transportation.

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