Our Secret Weapon In Vancouver

Our Secret Weapon In Vancouver



As they say the apple doesn’t fall far from the bridge or the bush or something. Anyway, my dad Larrie is a realtor as well! He spent many years in the public eye in the 70’s as part of the Brothers Forbes. They played for years at the Old Forge in the Strath and I’m pretty sure some of you reading this remember those days. A little foggy I’m sure but those were good times huh?  Its funny how our lives ended up simliar in a few ways. Both in the public eye for a time and still trying to remain there in order to serve people in real estate.

My father is a wealth of information and is based in Vancouver with RE/MAX All Points. This means you, your friends and family have another trusted person you can work with if you are moving to or from the mainland. Check him out and think of us the next time you are buying or selling your home! ~Michael


Michael Forbes

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