“HOME” with Forbes & Marshall Featuring PAT THOMAS!

Well, the Pat came back! Listen, anytime we get a chance to talk to this man, we’ll take it. He was a pleasure to work with all those years as part of our top rated radio morning show. Always professional, enduringly positive and very funny. Also, he’s a “give the shirt off his back” kinda guy too. If you know anything about Pat from listening to him on air, then you know he loves motorcycles and enjoys putting the rubber to the road and seeing what’s out there. We sit here and just live vicariously through his adventures. When you listen to the show, he’ll make sure he takes you through each province and makes it feel like you’ve been there just on based on the picture he creates.

Also on show, we talk Mr. Fixit, Mr. Dress Up and the joys of the Tickle Trunk!

BTW, if you are interested the great listing we mentioned on Triangle Mountain, check out 816 Batting Pl



Michael Forbes

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