Forbes and Marshall’s HOME featuring Nick From Edible Landscapes


Welcome “Home” for another week. We are trying to gain a little consistency with the show, uploading it “whenever” doesn’t seem to work too well. Perhaps we strive for every second Friday for awhile? Does that work for you? So please come back here and LISTEN to our next Podcast on FRIDAY JUNE 15.

Well despite our best efforts, here we are again. This week we feel that summer is just waiting around the corner and that leads us to the best ice cream in town!



Also, we met Nick Poeta at a trade show last year and thought what he and his team were doing was amazing. He is a co-founder of Edible Landscapes Design. If you’re not sure what that is then we bet the show is over you’ll know enough to talk enthusiastically about it at the next dinner party. Wait….I’m hearing Laurel? Or is it Hardy?

Honourable mention goes to our new producer Mary Chan who deserved a shout out for her hard work on the show but for this week, we’re telling you how great she is here. Thanks Mary!


Michael Forbes

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